Events - December 2018

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1st Saturday

St Michael’s Church Christmas Fair-St Michael’s church-10.00-1pm                

2nd Sunday  
3rd Monday

‘Time of Prayer’-Methodist Church-8.45-10.30am
Meet & Eat-Nuttall Room-12.30pm
Short Mat Bowls (Every Monday)-Parish Hall-2.00pm
Classical Music Circle (Every Monday)-Ball Copse Hall-7.00pm

4th Tuesday

Toddlers (Every Tuesday)-Methodist Schoolroom-10.30-12 noon  
LEBE’s Community Café (Every Tuesday)-Pavilion, Lympsham-11.00-3pm
Knoll Group of Ringers (Every Tuesday)-St. Michael’s Church-7.30pm-9pm

5th Wednesday

SORT IT+ Recycling & RubbishYour House-Early!!      
Christmas Coffee morning-Holywell-10.30-12.30pm 
Parish Surgery-Jubilee Room-4.30-6pm 
Parish Council – Public Session-Jubilee Room-7.00pm
Parish Council Meeting-Jubilee Room-to follow immediately
Wildlife around Brent Knoll-Burnham Community Centre-7.30pm
Table Tennis Club (Every Wednesday)-Parish Hall-8/9.00-10pm

6th Thursday

Bereaved Friends Group-Red Cow-12.30pm
All-Sorts Community Choir (Every Thursday)-St Mary’s Church-7.30-9.30pm

7th Friday Mobile Library [Friday]-Village Shop-10.05-10.50am
8th Saturday

Bazaar, Farmers’ Market and Parish Café-Parish Hall-10.00-12 noon
Christmas Train Show-King Alfred School-10.00-4pm

9th Sunday Christmas Train Show-King Alfred School-10.00-4pm
10th Monday

Deadline for January Brent Knoll News-12.00 noon 
Whist Drive-Ivy Hall-7.00pm 
Parish Hall Committee-Jubilee Room-8.00pm

11th Tuesday

Toddlers End of Term Xmas Party-Methodist Schoolroom-10.30-12 noon  
Lympsham Gardening Club – ‘Social & Quizz’-Manor Hall, Lympsham-7.45pm

12th Wednesday

SORT IT+ Recycling & Green Waste-Your House -Early!!
Women’s Institute – ‘Fun & Games'-Parish Hall-2.30pm

13th Thursday

Women’s Society – ‘Christmas Meal’-Red Cow-12.30pm
Traditional Christmas Concert-Church of Our Lady, Highbridge -7.30pm

14th Friday  
15th Saturday Christmas Coffee morning-Methodist Schoolroom-10.30am
16th Sunday  
17th Monday

Carols from the Bike Shed at Brent Knoll School, Click here for details-7.00pm
Somerset Sight-B&M, Burnham-10.30-3.30pm 
Alzheimer & Dementia Carers Group-Brentcombe House-4.00pm

18th Tuesday  
19th Wednesday

SORT IT+ Recycling & RubbishYour House-Early!! 
Good Companions “Christmas Lunch”-Beachcomber-t.b.c.         

20th Thursday

Comfort Group-Wayfarers-2.30pm
Beer and Carols-Red Cow-9.00pm

21st Friday Winter Solstice               
22nd Saturday  
23rd Sunday  
24th Monday Midnight Mass-St Michael’s Church-11.30pm
25th Tuesday  
26th Wednesday  
27th Thursday  
28th Friday SORT IT+ Recycling No Green Waste [2 Days Late]-Your House-Early!!
29th Saturday  
30th Sunday  
31st Monday  


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