Walk Route MapBrent Knoll Walks - Walk 3: To the top of the Knoll and back

Allow half an hour each way, but you are bound to spend some time at the top taking in the views and catching your breath.

This is a walk along country footpaths that is very steep at the top, where some steps are included. This walk is not for the faint hearted but if you make the effort the rewards are spectacular. Use stout walking shoes in dry conditions, if the ground is very wet "wellies" might be better.

There are two routes up the lower slopes of the hill, one starting at the Church and the other starting from Manor Farm. There is a car park in the field opposite Manor Farm which can get quite muddy in the winter, to get there start from Ivyclad Hall behind it's white railings at the chicane in Brent Street. This is a private home built in the reign of Queen Anne (1702 -1714) and is one of the oldest houses in the village. Turn into Church Lane opposite, on the left is a rhyne, a drainage channel built many years ago, on the right a row of horse chestnut trees behind which are some modern dwellings. Over the top of them you can glimpse St. Michael's Parish Church on the wooded lower slopes of the Knoll. To the left on rising ground may be seen Ball Copse Hall, a private dwelling, now over one hundred years old. Continue to the junction and bear left up Hill Lane past the Woodlands Hotel, formerly a farmhouse, and now a popular venue for parties and, on occasions, weddings. As you reach the top of the steep hill you will see the entrance to Manor Farm on your right, and the Car Park is on your left. Alternatively start from the Church as we have :-

Walk Image 11. To the right of the church entrance with the steps, you walk though the black gate marked Public Footpath. Follow the path in direction of the sign. An alternative here is to pass up the Church steps, go to your right through the church yard and through the gate at the back. In either case head up the path around the back of St. Michael's Parish Church.

Walk Image 22. Proceed though this rusty gate and head North East (upwards) in the direction of the arrow on the picture. Here you get some nice views down onto Ball Copse Hall.

3. At this gate pass through and go straight ahead. The Path to the left is where you would join from the Farm yard - that's the way that we will return. Beware of electric fence there to keep in the animals. You might be lucky to meet some cows or even horses. Walk Image 3

Walk Image 44. When you reach the stile climb over it and turn right following the path where you will be rewarded of this view of the Knoll.

5. Follow the path, it will turn left to follow the line of the hedge in the picture, you will climb a short steep hill at the top to find the stile and National Trust sign.

Walk Image 56. Now you are onto the last part of the climb where you follow the steps to the summit.

7. Catch your breath, and take in the stunning views. You can walk all around the top of the knoll, where you can see the grassy remains of the Iron Age hill fort, Ordinance Survey and Queens Golden Jubilee markers.

Walk6 Image Walk Image 7 Walk Image 8
Walk Image 9
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Walk Image 10

8. When you have finished your peaceful stop and you are ready to descend, follow your way back down the steps and over the two stiles.

Walk Image 119. At the gate, you can pass through to retrace your steps to the Church, but we'll follow the arrow and take the path to the right, passing down by Manor Farm.

Walk Image 1210. The path passes through the farmyard of Manor Farm. The farmer allows you to pass through so please respect his property and animals as you pass. At the other side of the farmyard you will pass through this gate :-

Walk Image 1311. Continuing down the farm driveway you will reach Hill lane, with the car park mentioned at the beginning in the field on the other side of the road. If you turn left and follow the hill down past the Woodlands Hotel you will see the Church in front of you. At the bottom of hill lane the church is a short distance up Church lane to the left.


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